WITHGEAR X AceOutdoor Backpacking Day

WithGear X Ace Outdoor Backpacking Day On October 28, 2023, WithGear participated in the Ace Outdoor Backpacking Day event.

🏕️ Under a cloudless blue sky, and against the backdrop of beautifully red and yellow foliage, WithGear joined the Ace Outdoor Backpacking Day event on a perfect day for camping.



During this event, WithGear showcased the following products: Chair Pod 2, Crater 2, Nuke 2, Cabo 2, Gravity 2, Field Stool, Folding Table, and the new product Lean Stool and Port Foot Rest.

Port Foot Rest is a product compatible with all chairs, providing relief from leg fatigue. 


Many attendees showed a great deal of interest in it, with a particular fondness for the combination of Gravity 2 and Port Foot Rest.


Chair Gravity2 was a highly popular product that could be conveniently set up for watching movies under the stars, stargazing at night, or enjoying the beach.


The hashtag event garnered significant participation, making the draw a bit challenging, but it was a happy challenge due to the opportunity to engage with many attendees 😊.

The new product, Lean Stool, was also well-received for its easy folding and unfolding, making it a favorite among backpackers.


Field Stool, known for its attractive packaging and lightweight nature, caught the attention of many attendees. 


Some were concerned about its safety due to its lightweight build, but after trying it out, they experienced its sturdiness and expressed satisfaction.


🍻The event featured various activities, including chair folding and tent pitching games, along with refreshing beer and warm coffee.☕


It's worth noting that Ace Outdoor hosts this event every year, so for those interested, please look forward to next year.


We eagerly await the opportunity to meet our customers next year with even better products.

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