Time is priceless for everyone

Other values can be restored, but time cannot. In modern times, we are surrounded by too many temptations and stimuli before we take time for ourselves. Busy modern society leaves you without control of your own time.

Enjoy our gear anytime, anywhere.

Camping chair

More robust & More compact

The Hubless structure is made of aluminum without using plastic projectiles. This feature makes the product more durable, comfortable and compact to use when folded and unfolded.

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exercise gear

push up & parallette bars

Perform your push-up to perfection anywhere instantly. Minimized volume and maximized portability. It can be used in all locations, both outdoor and indoor.


walking canes

shock protection system to protect your wrist

The walking cane, which becomes like a third leg, can increase fatigue and pain as it applies constant stress to the wrist and palm with extensive use.

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