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Adaptable Walking Cane [Duralumin 7001]

VERSATILE GRIPS FOR COMFORT ANYWHERE - Cane users encounter many terrains while walking. A grip method that works on the sidewalk can put stress on the wrist, arm, and shoulder on a slope. Withgear Adaptable Cane is designed to give you a comfortable walking experience by providing the right grip option for you in the wide variety of situations you may encounter.

SHOCK PROTECTION SYSTEM TO PROTECT YOUR WRIST - The walking cane, which becomes like a third leg, can increase fatigue and pain as it applies constant stress to the wrist and palm with extensive use. The Withgear Walking Cane reduces stress from the floor through its shock absorption system. This means you can use it for longer with less fatigue. The anti-rattle lock is designed to be an easy to use with a simple spin in one direction.

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM FOR FINE LENGTH ADJUSTMENT - Suitable cane lengths differ greatly because each person has a different body structure and stride length. The Withgear Walking Cane has a rotating lock which enables fine length adjustment according to user needs. Now anyone can use it comfortably with the length that suits them best. Handle height adjusts from 39 inches to 27 inches (70 cm – 100 cm).

EXCELLENT DURABILITY AND LIGHT WEIGHT - Product Weight: 0.62lb. The Withgear Walking Cane is a high-efficiency product integrating durability and light weight that is made of duralumin 7001 which is used as an aircraft material. This enables anyone who needs walking assistance to carry it easily for the whole day. Its outstanding strength will add a level of refinement to your walking experience and is the perfect gift for your lovers. The Product is Well Made in South Korea.

SLEEK DESIGN AND MORE TRACTION - The Withgear walking cane has a non-chip finish, providing a sleek design and elegant look for any occasion. The Withgear slip resistance rubber tip supports the stability of your body by letting you gain more traction and confidence when walking."


How do I clean the Withgear products?
Wipe away water using dry cloth for aluminum frame pieces after use.

Can I put my seat in the washing machine?
We advise that you hand-wash with warm, soapy water.

How long is your warranty good for?
Our 1-Year Warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for 1 years from the original owner’s date of purchase.


Product Name Adaptable Walking Cane [Duralumin 7001]
Weight 280g , 0.61lb
Color Black
Texture Duralumin 7001 100%
Product Composition Detailed page
Manufacturer WITHGEAR
Country of Origin South Korea
Details by product Detailed page
QA standard Detailed page
A/S manager and contact information SJ Jun (support@withgear.com)


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