ERGO Flip Walking Cane [Duralumin 7001]

$50.00 USD

ERGO Flip Walking Cane [Duralumin 7001]

PERFECT FIT BETWEEN PALM AND GRIP, COMFORTABLE FOR THE WRIST - The grip, the only area that comes into contact with the user, is the most important part when using a cane. An uncomfortable grip may cause fatigue in the palms, wrists, elbows, and shoulders which will interfere with continuous use. Withgear completed its perfect grip through dozens of samples to ensure increased comfort on the palm and wrist of the user and minimized fatigue during long-term use.

ELEGANTLY DESIGNED AND MADE WITH QUALITY MATERIALS - The Ergo Flip Walking Cane is manufactured using duralumin, a high-quality aircraft material. Its sleek and well-finished design will add a level of refinement to your walking experience. The anti-rattle lock is designed to be an easy to use with a simple spin in one direction.

HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM FOR FINE LENGTH ADJUSTMENT - Suitable cane lengths differ greatly because each person has a different body structure and stride length. The Withgear Walking Cane has a rotating lock which enables fine length adjustment according to user needs. Now anyone can use it comfortably with the length that suits them best. Handle height adjusts from 38 inches to 28 inches (72 – 98cm).

EXCELLENT DURABILITY AND LIGHT WEIGHT - Product Weight: 0.59lb / 0.60lb. The Withgear Walking Cane is a high-efficiency product integrating durability and light weight that is made of duralumin 7001 which is used as an aircraft material. This enables anyone who needs walking assistance to carry it easily for the whole day. Its outstanding strength will add a level of refinement to your walking experience and is the perfect gift for your lovers. The Product Made in South Korea.


Does the cane collapse or fold?
This is not a folding cane.

Where is it made?
It is designed and manufactured in South Korea.

Can I use it as a hiking or mountain climbing cane?
The Walking Cane is designed for walking on flat ground and on slight inclines. It is not suitable for use for hiking and mountain climbing.

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